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Privacy Policy

Data in this Website Location of Solving Hands can be created by your “Healthcare Service Provider” at Solving Hands and by yourself (the patient) after logging into the Website Location with your authorized user account. Information that is collected as you use our mobile Website Location includes the following.

Personal information: Personal information includes name and email address that you provide at signup. It also includes phone number, address and other personally identifiable information that you may choose to add to your user account profile. No payment method information is stored by this Website Location.

Personal Health Information: Personal health information about patients users, that patient users themselves or authorized employees of Solving Hands enter into the Personal Health Record of a patient, including age, gender, known health conditions, medications, allergies, vaccinations, history of surgeries or procedures, goals, health journal entries and data that you enter into your health trackers either manually or by syncing with a health monitoring device or from a third party source that you alone authorize. It also includes medical reports and files that you choose to upload into your health profile.

Operations Data: In order to enhance your usage experience, the Website Location uses cookies, server logs and other similar mechanisms to enable certain functionality, improve services and monitor service usage. These mechanisms are used to save user preferences, preserve session settings, help auto-authentication of frequently used services if required by your settings and to enable other similar functional requirements. You may use browser settings to disable cookies when using our web services, however it may result in some of the features and services of this Website Location not functioning properly.